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In Home Senior Care in Annapolis, MD

Comfort Keepers offers transitional in home senior care for seniors in Annapolis, MD

When a loved one has surgery, their care does not end when they leave the hospital. The crucial time that occurs after your loved one comes home can make the difference between a smooth recovery and ending up back at the hospital. If your loved one does not get the proper postoperative care they need, they could end up having a slower recovery, and have the risk of infections, blood clots, and incisions coming back open. Professional caregivers from Comfort Keepers Annapolis, MD offer in home senior care specifically targeted at transitioning from the hospital to home.

How Our Caregivers Can Make a difference

As well-meaning as family members are, they may lack the necessary training and knowledge to provide the care that your loved one needs. In addition to understanding the important of transitional care it is important to understand that providing for all the needs of a senior after they have had surgery is complex and time consuming. Our caregivers have been trained to understand postoperative needs and can offer all of the care necessary to ensure a good transition and optimal healing. In addition to setting up an in home senior care plan based on your loved one and the surgery they had, we also offer help with tasks around the home, transportation for appointments, and seamless communication with your loved one’s medical team to ensure they get the best care possible.

Let Us Help your Loved One Get the Care Your Loved One Needs

Comfort Keepers starts with a carefully customized plan based on the needs your loved one has. We have a wide range of different in home senior care plans available for those returning from both rehabilitation facilities and the hospital, and we are able to accommodate special needs such as lifestyle, or health conditions that may complicate recovery. If you would like to learn more contact us online anytime or give us a cal at (855) 205-1382 for more information. We also offer free in-home consultations where you can learn more in-depth about all of the services we offer. 





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