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Comfort Keepers your home health care specialists in Annapolis, MD includes the latest in medication and safety management equipment to protect your loved ones

One of the most challenging issues many seniors must face every day of their lives, is to stay on top of their medications. While some may only need to take one or two medications daily, others have a long list of medications with different dosages and that have to be taken at different times of the day and night. As part of our home health care services in Annapolis, MD, we offer several options when it comes to medication and safety.

Home health care safety products for medications in Annapolis, MDWe know how important it is for our clients' health to take the right medication, in the right dose, and at the right time. When they miss a medication or take the wrong dose or medication, the effects can be life-threatening. This problem is such that over one-third of seniors who are hospitalized are there as the result of not taking their medications properly.  Taking the right medications is vital part of any home health care service.

How Our Home Health Care, Caregivers Can Help

Unfortunately, the law does not allow our caregivers to dispense medications to your loved ones. What they can do is provide reminders to their clients and help them read the labels on the bottles. To help with this and to help with continuing to take their medications properly, we offer a variety of the latest in pill dispensing systems.

Each of these automated systems is designed to ensure the client's caregiver and the person on their contact list receive a text message or automated call if they miss a dose. They are designed to keep medications safely locked away until the correct time to dispense them. This is just one example of how Comfort Keepers continues to innovate.

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