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Talk To A Health Care Provider About Home Monitoring Devices in Annapolis, MD

Comfort Keepers now adds home monitoring equipment from SafetyChoice® to help keep you safe when your loved one's health care provider has gone home for the day

When you opt for a health care provider from Comfort Keepers of Annapolis, MD, you have someone in your loved one's home to provide for their safety. The big question concerns what to do when their caregiver has gone home for the day? Do you have the time to be there for your loved one after their caregiver has left? Even if you can be there for part of the time, there are still going to be times when you just can't be there.

Talk to a health care provider about safety products in Annapolis, MDWe offer state of the art home monitoring systems that are designed to work hand in hand with our Personal Emergency Response system to provide your loved one with the ultimate in protection. These systems are designed to integrate into your loved one's home without causing any disruption in their daily lives.

Three Levels of Protection

While your loved one's health care provider is in their Annapolis, MD home, they can call for an ambulance if one is needed, call the police if an intruder is attempting to enter and be there to help and protect them. Once the caregiver has gone home, our home monitoring system includes:

  • Pressure mats and motion detectors
  • Window and door alarms
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

Bedside Pressure Mats and Motion Detectors

When you have a loved one living in your home who is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's disease, you constantly worry about them. With our bedside mats and motion detectors, you will be notified the moment they step out of bed. The motion sensors will not only notify our SafetyChoice® Centralized Monitoring Station when your loved ones are on the move, but the motion sensors will also pick up the movement of anyone who is not supposed to be in the home such as a burglar.

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about having a Comfort Keepers health care provider for your loved one along with our SafetyChoice® home monitoring system in Annapolis, MD, please contact us at (855) 205-1382. Our agents are on duty 24/7 to answer your questions and schedule your free in-home consultation with an advisor who can explain your options in detail and help you find the perfect care program for your loved one. 





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