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In Home Supportive Services & Our Around The Clock Monitoring Center in Annapolis, MD

We are proud to offer the SafetyChoice® 24hr monitoring center as part of our in home supportive services

The hardest part of growing older is slowly finding out there are more and more things your loved ones either struggle with or simply cannot do any longer. For years at Comfort Keepers has been providing seniors across the country and in Annapolis, MD with the finest in home supportive services. While you might be able to stay with your loved ones all day or have one of our professional caregivers on duty, there are going to be times when your loved ones are alone.

To help with these times, Comfort Keepers has teamed up with SafetyChoice® to offer our clients the latest in around-the-clock monitoring. By installing a home monitoring system, your loved ones are in direct contact via a phone line and two-way communication system such as the PERS or the base station itself, with the SafetyChoice® Centralized Monitoring Station. This station is manned 24/7 by experience agents who know what to do in any situation.

In home senior services & home monitoringFully Interconnected Systems

All of the available SafetyChoice® in home care devices in Annapolis, MD are designed to connect to the base station, including:

  • PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems)
  • The door and window sensors
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Medication management systems
  • Bedside pressure mats and motion sensors that are used for Alzheimer's patients

No matter which of these safety systems you have installed in your loved one's home or if you have all of them installed, they are all designed to put your loved ones in direct contact with the SafetyChoice® CMS. Here an experience emergency operator will talk to your loved ones to assess the situation.

Once they have a clear understanding of the emergency, the agent will contact those listed on your loved one's contact list, their in home supportive services caregiver, and if necessary emergency medical personnel.

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If you are interested in learning more about in home supportive services by Comfort Keepers in Annapolis, MD and our 24hr monitoring system, please contact us at (855) 205-1382. Our phones are manned 24/7 with agents who can answer your questions and schedule your free in home consultation with one of our senior advisors. 





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