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Annapolis is a charming and energetic city, proud of its heritage, community spirit, and vibrant elderly population. Quality home care assistance means that many local seniors today get to age at home.  Although assisted living facilities to a great job, there's no place quite like home. Comfort Keepers of Annapolis, MD serve the local senior population so that those who want to age in their own place can.  Caregiving solutions can vary between people. Some older adults only need assistance with those heavier household tasks. Others may need more intensive care. Our tailored plans can help either way.

Home Care Assistance Quality Products

One of the biggest concerns families have is concern for an elderly parent or other close relative who lives at home alone. There are plenty of home-alone seniors here in Annapolis, Maryland.

It's a sad fact that the older we get the more vulnerable we become to accidents and illness. Comfort Keeper's excellent range of medical alert systems takes care of loved ones in those between times.

Our sophisticated senior alert systems extend—not replace—the reach of high-quality caregiving. Here are some of the main reasons why these products have become so invaluable:

  • Alert the control center if a senior suffers a fall
  • Avert the risk of missed, vital medication
  • Prevent accidental overdose
  • Other areas of home care assistance

Even with caregiver support and regular visits from family, there're still those between times when the senior is home alone. This is where our products give vital peace of mind to both clients and families.

Comfort Keepers Medical Monitoring Systems

Our specially developed medical monitoring systems for seniors fall into four categories:

  1. SafetyChoice® Around the Clock Monitoring Station
  2. Medication Safety and Management
  3. Personal Emergency Response Systems
  4. Home Monitoring Systems

Each of these products offers affordable solutions in technology-based home care assistance. For example, our SafetyChoice® Centralized Monitoring Station is a 24/7 real person response service.

All our SafetyChoice® senior care products connect to the Centralized Monitoring Station. This includes window and door sensors and detectors (smoke and carbon monoxide).  Even medication management systems (bedside pressure mats and motion sensors) connect to the monitoring station. These ingenious tools help our beloved seniors in Annapolis to age at home.

Comfort Keepers Caregiver Support

Comfort Keepers exceptional home care assistance provides real person solutions to help local seniors grow old at home. Our unique Interactive Caregiving™ approach to elder care is second to none.  Our senior health & safety technology products keep a watchful eye on loved ones. The purpose of these products is to take over when the professional caregiver or family member isn't around.

Please contact us for more information on how our caregiving and/or senior medical alert systems can benefit you or a loved one. One of our care coordinators can set up a 100% free, no-obligation consultation in-home support solutions for the over-65s in and around Annapolis, Maryland.  You can reach us at (855) 205-1382.





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