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Senior In Home Care Services: Cervical Cancer Risks And Best Practices

Jan 16, 2018 by Jason Allevato

Cervical cancer is best known as cancer of the cervix and was once the most common causes of cancer deaths in women. However, the death rate has decreased incredibly, and this can be contributed to the Pap smear test that is conducted. This test is recommended for all women between the ages of 21 and 65 and should be performed every three years. Senior in home care services providers can ensure that your loved one is able to get to and from their cervical cancer screening appointments.

The Importance Of Cervical Cancer Screening And Best Practices For Seniors

As studies indicate, the key to decreasing the risk of finding cervical cancer later on in life is to have tests performed. The American Cancer Society reports that women who had regularly performed tests were less likely to find cancer than those who did not. Senior in home care services providers suggest women test before the age of 65.

When it comes to cancer screenings in older adults, there is no black and white formula and cervical cancer is no exception. Below, our senior in home care services team wants to provide you with some of the best practices for older women in regard to cervical cancer and screening for it:

  • If you are younger than 65 and have not had a cervical screening completed in the last 5 years, ask to have one performed
  • If you are older than 65 and you have never had a hysterectomy performed, talk to your doctor about your risks for cervical cancer, as well as the benefits and disadvantages of a screening
  • If you have no recent history of pap smear tests, talk to your health care provider about scheduling a test

Comfort Keepers Is Here To Help You

Senior in home care services offered by Comfort Keepers is designed to assist your loved one in maintaining an independent lifestyle. We offer a variety of care plans to assist in every day life to transportation to and from doctors’ appointments. Call our office today to learn more. 

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