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Making At Home Elder Care A Family Issue

Comfort Keepers at home elder care support for the seniors of Annapolis, Maryland

Not all Annapolis's seniors need caregiver support but there are many others who do and will do. The upside is that aging in place is fast becoming the new norm. It's also the preferred option for the majority of older adults. At home elder care exists for folks who experience physical mobility issues. A decline in cognitive ability is another common cause that affects everyday function. 

No one likes to admit to physical or mental decline and not all elders are aware that they need support. This is why caring for an aging loved one should be a family matter whenever possible. It's even more important when the older person is unable to express themselves clearly.

The Advantages of At Home Elder Care Support

Loving family members are not always able to commit the time needed to care for a loved one at home. And those who can provide full-on support often lack the experience and training. Many volunteer carers also lack the physical strength to care for less-able bodied people. And finally, caregiver burnout is a huge problem because of the above.

Comfort Keepers of Annapolis, MD, are a qualified, non-medical caregiver agency. We support seniors living at home in Annapolis, MD. We work with older adults and their families to devise the best possible solutions. And we carefully tailor each flexible plan because no two cases are ever the same.

High-quality at home elder care should include the entire family. When everyone plays a part it becomes easier to decide on the most practical way forward.

Starting The Conversation

In a lot of cases, there'll be more than one sibling involved in these talks. It's important to choose a conversation-starter to broach the sensitive subject. This might be the one who currently provides the most home support for the senior. Whoever it is, it should be someone everyone agrees to. People are better at different things so agreeing roles of responsibilities is a smart move.

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