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Welcome To Comfort Keepers Home Care Agency in Annapolis, MD

We’ve reached a new age of caring for our loved ones.  While the options to go to a nursing home or assisted living facility still exist, there is now a much better way our seniors can seek support.  In home care is growing in popularity of many reasons.  It allows seniors who seek it to stay close to the ones they love as well as a space that is familiar.  Those who choose to receive assistance at home can also preserve their freedom and privacy much more effectively, while remaining safe.

What Can In Home Care Do For You?

Our agency is ready with a selection of services to fully help seniors ‘age in place’ successfully.  These services are put together in a plan that is tailored to your loved one’s exact needs and preferences.  Our main services and specialties include:

When it comes to your senior’s in home care plan, it can be arranged so our caregivers visit their home for just a few hours a week, or a few hours daily.  There is also 24 hour care available for those with more extensive needs, or families requiring short term emergency help.


If you have worried about your senior loved one living on their own, it might be time to consider in home senior care. Begin the process by taking a short survey to help you better understand when the time has come to pursue care options.





Safety Is Our #1 Priority

We aren’t kidding when we say, ‘safety first’!  Even at your earliest moments of working with Comfort Keepers, your senior’s wellbeing is our number one concern.  Our experts are available 24/7, so family members currently taking on the caregiving role can schedule emergency services or get resources to educate themselves and improve their care approach. 

There is also our free in-home consultation where our experts will visit your loved one’s home to discuss our service options and evaluate their living space for any hazards.  Even when providing our in home care, seniors are taught healthy living habits that can help prevent falls, or other harmful accidents in the home.

Finally, there are our home caregivers.  These individuals have been carefully screened, tested, and selected to provide our special brand of care.  They must hold high our values of leadership, compassion, and professionalism at all times, in addition to actively monitoring your senior’s needs.  Our home caregivers look forward to spending meaningful time with your loved ones and cannot wait to make a positive difference in their lives.

Ready To Get Started?

With just a click or a phone call, you can have a whole agency of experts right at your fingertips, eager to assist.  Whether you’re ready to schedule in home care or just simply want to start a dialog, reach out today.  You can contact us through our online form, or ring us at (855) 205-1382.



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